Growing Up: Pros and Cons

Growing Up: Pros and Cons

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As we look into the future it is evident that there are many teens and young adults who are leaving high school without any idea as to what is really out in this world. This book will help those learners  step by step to begin to understand what it takes and what is expected out of them to be successful once they leave their home. Teachers and coaches will find this book easy to relate to and to work with the learner with.  Many benefits to this book for teachers and coaches is that it is a superior way to encourage their learners to think before it is to late.  We have found that learners will open up with hardly any effort in working in the book.  This allows the teacher or coach to really see where their learner is coming from and understand their choice making in a completely different context.  The book offers the opportunity for the learner to think about the situation or issues and make a decision based on the scenario.  They will then decide if that is the best decision by exploring the pros and cons of that decision.  This leaves room for the teacher or coach to open the doors to discussions that otherwise would never have happened.  It is amazing how much dialog can be created with only one of these worksheets. Growing Up was written to influence the up coming generations to explore what living and life skills really are. 

During the process of getting this workbook finished I developed clear cell carcinoma and had to have a complete robotic hysterectomy in September of 2017. This was so very eye opening to what my world was about and the fact that the only way I will be able to help these youth is through the knowledge in this book.  I was able to finally finish the editing and this book was released on December 17, 2017.

The hope that I have is that this book may change the world one teen at a time.You can visit this website also for more information  and you can also order on that site as well.  For orders of 10 or more it can be discounted at this website:

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