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Biography of Artistry Jewelry

Hello everyone, my name is Suzann Herr and I am Artistry Jewelry.  I am a single woman of 40 years and I am 65 years old.  I have attempted to open Artistry Jewelry twice before now and was not able to keep it going.  This is the third time and as they say, the third time is a charm.  I was a foster parent for almost 17 years and back in 2017, I developed a very aggressive and rare form of cancer called, “clear cell carcinoma.”  I was blessed by the grace of God and my wonderful oils that the surgeons were able to take my entire uterus and everything around it without having to have any after treatments.  As a matter of fact, they couldn’t even find a tumor.  But the toll it took on me ended my foster care life and I ended up selling my home and currently living with family.

 My passions for creativity is so huge that it brought me back to doing what I love doing and that is designing and making jewelry.  At that time, my best friend and I started Artistry Jewelry up again.  My best friend was Einstein, he was a Great Pyrenees that I had since he was six months old and then he was nine years old.  I lost him to a disc disease back in March of 2020.  He was by my side everyday through thick and thin and I miss him every minute of the day. He took a piece of my heart with him, but I still have enough heart left to put into my jewelry. 

As I said prior, I am Artistry Jewelry.  I design and make all the handcrafted jewelry and do the purchasing of other jewelry.  I do the pricing, picture taking (not always perfect), writing the captions, taking the videos (which tend to be a little shaky sometimes), using the different software’s and mailing them out along with everything else.  So, if the pictures are not perfect or the videos are a little off, I do apologize but it is the best I can do. 

Designing and Crafting

Sometimes it takes me a complete day to design just one piece because I will try many different beads to see what looks the best. I have even gotten to the point that I end up starting all over.  I care about what I make and how it is made so I try to make it exceptionally durable with gorgeous beads or semi-precious stones.  Again, I am not perfect and would never claim to be.   I make only jewelry that I love and hope that someone else will love it also. 

To those of you who do purchase from me please know that I do appreciate your purchases and without you there would not be an Artistry Jewelry. 

Love all of you,  Suzann


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